Who We Are & What We Do

Back In Balance Fitness and Nutrition has been providing custom tailored nutrition programs to our nutrition clients since 2012 and would now like to offer online nutrition and meal plans to our clients who are unable to visit us locally.

With the Back In Balance App and Online Nutrition meal plans, you choose the meal plan that best suits your needs from the wide range of diverse meal plans and options available, and with the app and web portal you can track and log your food as well as having the tools for success.

Our History

My Name is Denise Kennedy. I am the Owner and Founder of Back in Balance Fitness and Nutrition. In my past, I have had gestational diabetes in both of my pregnancies. I had to be on insulin. Since then, I have not been a high risk candidate for diabetes. I attribute this to good eating habits and regular physical activity. It’s about the balance in our lives in these areas that gives us some control over our health and that resonates into balance in many other areas of our lives.

Over the past 6 years we have helped our clients achieve their desired results in areas of weight-loss and improved health among other goals. In fact, we have helped a client come off insulin (off 2 years now) after being on insulin for 7 years; several clients have come off their blood pressure medication and others have reduced other medications. These clients were following our meal plans and engaging in a more active lifestyle. I cannot promise these results but I can say that they have happened to some of our clients at Back in Balance.

Onsite in Canada

Back in Balance is a unique weight management facility that offers customized nutrition programs and specialized personal training. The nutrition programs are Dietician designed and PhD approved. These personalized programs are tailored to the clients' specific needs and are adaptable to suit different lifestyles, preferences, schedules, goals and restrictions.

We provide quality service and ongoing support as we develop relationships through mutual trust and respect.

With customized solutions for each client, we will empower them to reach their goals.

We enhance the quality of life through this tailored approach which enables the customer to take control of their own health.

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Meal plans that work with your goals to achieve a balance between nutrition, fitness, your health and your life.


Eating smaller amounts, more often, with proper balance of your macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats), at a caloric intake where you are not starving and still able to reach your desired goal in a healthy way to get Back in Balance.

BACK IN BALANCE has the tools you need to make healthy living easier.